Why #TheMuslimNextDoor

A few months ago, CAIR Oklahoma was approached with the idea of putting together a campaign to allow opportunities for American Muslims to tell their stories with a focus on what makes them uniquely American and uniquely Muslim. This is the first effort of its kind in Oklahoma that hopes to set a precedent for a comprehensive PR campaign for American Muslims, which can be adopted by states throughout the country.

The Campaign

#TheMuslimNextDoor will consist of the following:

• Photo shoots with Muslim communities throughout Oklahoma to create a library of images of American Muslims being American Muslims.

• Development of a dedicated web page that will have the images, stories, and videos of the Muslims behind #TheMuslimNextDoor campaign

• Production of 10 – 12 videos that will be created specifically for social media and sharing that will tell the stories of the Muslims in the photo campaign.

• Billboards showcasing #TheMuslimNextDoor photos to be strategically placed throughout Oklahoma.

• Get to know #TheMuslimNextDoor public forums where people can meet Muslims that are their neighbors.

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